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Discomfort during movement, be it back or joint pain, is much more than an inconvenience. It’s an affliction that causes significant and long-lasting constraints on the quality of life. This is a medical problem which requires very specific treatment.

To determine the optimal treatment for an individual, I begin with an indepth medical history and follow that with a thorough physical examination. Each therapy is then individually designed to meet the requirements and needs of that particular patient. I offer a broad number of treatments in order to achieve comprehensive positive results. Because some patients do not respond to conventional healing methods, I provide alternative solutions for their disorders. Both established orthopedic treatments and alternative medical care are used in my practice.

After relieving the pain in an acute situation, I begin to concentrate on medical treatment, physical therapy and rehabilitation. Even when conventional therapies have not been successful, I am still often able to help many patients.

The goal is rapid release of pain

The key to success is to recognize the problem and apply the optimal amount of a very specific treatment- be it medication, chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy or exercise. The best medical intervention consists of not only using the correct therapy, but also its optimal dosage and timing. This applys not only to medication, but to the use of chiropractic, physical therapies and training.

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