Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Therapy for Spinal Pain in Vienna

Special devices- high energy shock wave therapy and pulsating high performance magnetic field therapy are available for you.

High Energy Shock Wave Therapy

Shock Wave Therapy is usually used for problems concerning tendons- shoulder pain, tennis or golf elbow, heel spurs and jumper’s knee syndrome. However it is often also used for poor healing of bones and incisions. The advantage of this therapy is that it’s gentle, it’s pinpoint accuracy and it’s rapid results.

Pulsating High Performance Magnetic Field Therapy

The „SalusTalent“ device from the Drott Company is used here.

This method is for pain management and also for acute or degenerative diseases of the entire skeletal system. It’s applied most often for treating joint problems- degenerative arthritis, back pain and bone edema but it is also used for muscle atrophy and neurologic disorders.

This device is also used in sports medicine to facilitate bone healing. The advantages of this are that it’s noninvasive, it requires short treatment times, and produces rapid, longlasting pain relief.

A life without back pain can be achieved by individual therapy prescribed by your specialist in Vienna.