Treatment for back pain in Vienna- the path to a painfree life.

As the department head for physical therapy and rehabilitation at the Evangelischen Hospital in Vienna, as medical director of the DR. DR. Wagner GmbH in Salzburg, and as medical supervisor of Kieser Training, I am able to look back at my many years of experience.


The main focuses of my therapy are:

  • Pain management
    using all medical interventions that lead to pain relief
  • Chiropractic techniques
    as an alternative (medicine).
  • Acupuncture
    inserting the tips of needles along meridians in the body so that healthy energy flow can be reestablished
  • Neuraltherapy
    by using a special local anesthetic, the vegetative nervous system is treated in order to bring about pain releif
  • Sports medicine
    the latest findings in this area are used to determine the best exercises for the patient, both as preventative measures as well as rehabilitaion and therapy.
  • Medical exercises
    fitness training while under medical supervision using gym equipment in order to treat muscle weakness.
  • In- or Out-patient rehabilitation
    it’s goal being to attain the best possible physical condition despite restraints.

Optimal Therapy for Back Pain from Specialist in Vienna