Chiropractics by Dr. Sajer in Wien

Depending on the clinical picture, a combinationof optimal osteopathic or chiropractic techniques are used to achieve best results.


Loosen your blockage!

Chiropractics are primarily used to improve the spine mobility and release the blockages. The typical „cracking“ is sometimes unnecessary and even harmful when performed with too much energy. The treatment should be performed as soft as possible, otherwise the visits to the chiropractor will get more frequent with time. I have learned different techniques - osteopathy, manual medicine and chiropractics for the best of my patients.

My team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and masseurs help me to achieve a better long lasting effects.

Besides the careful chiropractic technique it is also important to know how far you can go with a non-operative methods. I work with a team of orthopedics and neurosurgeons who can take care of problems requiring an operation.

We would be glad to inform you personally about the possibilities and the limits of chiropractics, please make an appointment in Dr. Sajer's office!